Garage Fire
February 18, 2024

At 2321 hours, Warrington Fire Company, as well as mutual aid companies, responded on Tactical Box 78-54 for multiple reports of a house on fire. E29 arrived on scene, and reported a 25x75 detached garage that was fully involved. E29 secured a water supply and led off with a blitzfire, as well as a 300’ 1 3/4” handline to protect the exposure. E78 arrived and stretched a second 300’ line off of E29 to start cooling the two 100lb propane tanks that were venting. TW29 took the driveway and utilized its ladder pipe to knock much of the fire. Crews remained on scene for approximately five hours. The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Doylestown Township Fire Marshal’s Office.
Thank you to our mutual aid companies for the assistance on the fire ground and for standing by at station 29.
Our thoughts and prayers remain with the family effected by this incident