Truck Committee Travels to Seagrave for Final Inspection
December 7, 2022

Members of the Tower 29 truck committee traveled to Clintonville Wisconsin last week for finial inspection of Tower 29 built at Seagrave Fire Apparatus. The committee got to see the truck fully put together for the first time after waiting for over a year! While the committee was out of town this was no vacation; the committee took time looking at the truck bumper to bumper looking for any items that were not up to top perfection. Time was set for road tests, aerial tests, and pump tests. With some minor findings along the way and additions the truck to be completed, it will be heading out to our area in the next couple weeks to continue the process of tool mounting, lettering, and lots of training before placing the new apparatus in service.
The committee would like to thank the township supervisors, residents, and members for all of the support received to make this project possible.